Pure Altitude

Cosmetics & Spa

An innovative, original and cutting-edge skincare line

Pure Altitude was born in the tranquil setting of Les Fermes de Marie in Megève, where Jocelyne Sibuet, inspired by the properties of Edelweiss, combined her love of the mountains and beauty into a line of Made in France cosmetics combining rarity, technicality and pleasure.

Pure Altitude: Pleasure and well-being, reinvent your everyday life.

Natural well-being

Pure Altitude embodies a profound philosophy that goes far beyond a simple skin care line. It is a genuine invitation to rediscover pleasure in its most essential and authentic form. This philosophy is rooted in the pleasure of recharging one's batteries in an exceptional natural environment. At the heart of this approach is the pleasure of self-care, manifested in the harmony between well-being, beauty and pleasure.


Our Natural Care Lines

Nature's intelligence at the heart of our formulas.

Discover our face care lines: Fondamentale, enriched with protective and moisturizing agents to revitalize your daily routine, Sève de Vie, focused on anti-aging prevention and improving complexion radiance, and LiftAlpes specially formulated to combat the signs of aging on mature skin. Our Body range tones, softens and regenerates the skin, not forgetting our line of accessories to enhance your beauty routine! Take our Extreme skin care products with you, designed to protect and repair in all circumstances. And recreate the addictive "Fleurs de Neige" scent of our spas at home with our Home line.

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