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Les Fermes de Marie Hotel Megève summer

Les Fermes de Marie

A unique location

Discover the Fermes de Marie in summer, the ideal place to enjoy an enchanted break with your family, in an alpine setting more than ever magical. Located a few minutes walk from the center of Megeve, you have a privileged access to many activities.

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Summer family vacation in Megève

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vacations in the heart of the alps

It's hard to find a more invigorating place than the Alps in the summer, when lush green lawns carpet the mountains, sparse with mouth-watering wild flowers. Nestled in the middle of this breathtakingly beautiful alpine environment, Megeve is the picturesque little village we all find ourselves dreaming of on those days when the concrete and our frenetic pace drive us crazy. With your eyes on the eternal snows of Mont Blanc, reconnect with your breath and your family, lulled by the magic of the Alps in summer!

Picnic Megève
hiking, picnicking and biking...

The tinkling of the mighty Savoyard bell sets the tone: it's time for family wanderings on the verdant mountain pastures! Gorged with pure air, cheeks rosy with the energizing breath of the summits, young and old alike knit new childhood memories here: sliding on summer sledges, listening to the song of the streams (unless it's that of the marmots), having a picnic, or pedaling all together until they lose their breath... so many moments to live intensely.

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