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Japanese baths
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At the summit of well-being

Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym...

Discover our wellness and fitness area, tradition and innovation designed for revitalization. Enjoy indoor pools with scenic views, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, and Japanese baths. Our facilities also include a fitness room, a Leonor Grey hair salon, and Manucurist manicure services. Whether you're looking to prepare for outdoor activities or relax after a day of sports, we have everything you need for a pampering experience.

Indoor pool


Our indoor pool, combining old wood and granite stone, is the ideal place for the whole family to relax. The temperate water and peaceful atmosphere promise relaxation and moments of togetherness for all.

Swim lane

Aquatic relaxation

Enjoy a swimming experience in our swim lane. Perfect for calm swimmers who want to improve their technique or simply enjoy moments of aquatic relaxation. The perfectly tempered water provides an ideal environment for revitalizing body and mind.

Dry sauna

Relaxes muscles
Eliminates toxins

Discover the purifying power of our dry sauna. An invitation to eliminate toxins, relax muscles and clear the mind in a tranquil atmosphere. The warm, dry air is the perfect ally for complete regeneration.

Wet sauna

Stimulates circulation
Purifies the body

Our wet sauna offers an oasis of relaxation, where steam enriched with natural essences purifies body and soul. This thermal experience stimulates circulation, soothes tension and opens pores for healthy skin.

Japanese baths

Body recovery

Immerse yourself in the ancestral tradition of well-being in our Japanese baths, also known as Oruro, Japanese cedar baths. Alternating hot and cold water, these baths offer deep relaxation and facilitate recovery after sports activities. An immersive experience in keeping with the Pure Altitude spirit, an invitation to travel and serenity.

Relaxation room

Deep relaxation

Find peace and serenity in our birch wood relaxation room. A space dedicated to deep relaxation, where time seems suspended. Take advantage of this haven of peace to meditate, read or simply rest, enveloped in the gentle Pure Altitude atmosphere.

Indoor Jacuzzi

Dissipates tension
Massage bubbles

Our indoor Jacuzzi is a haven of peace, designed to offer a moment of deep relaxation. Let the massaging bubbles dissipate your tensions, in a warm, intimate atmosphere that reflects the Pure Altitude philosophy of well-being.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Massage bubbles

Immerse yourself in our outdoor Jacuzzi and let the soothing warmth of the water envelop you, while admiring the breathtaking alpine scenery of Megève. A moment of absolute relaxation. 

Steam Baths

Revitalizes skin

Escape to our hammam, where humid heat and enveloping aromas transport you to a world of relaxation and purification. An ancient tradition revisited to detoxify the body, clarify the mind and revitalize the skin, in harmony with Pure Altitude treatments.

Outdoor sauna

Total body revitalization

Discover our outdoor sauna in the heart of Les Fermes de Mare, offering spectacular mountain views. A moment of purification where the warm, dry air becomes the ideal companion for total revitalization.

Fitness room

Equipped by Technogym

Our Technogym-equipped fitness room offers a stimulating environment for maintaining or improving your physical condition. Equipment such as racing bikes, rowing machines, step machines and all the equipment needed for yoga and Pilates. 

Hair Salon

Leonor Greyl

Our hair salon, partner of the prestigious Leonor Greylv brand, welcomes you for blow-drying, cutting and hair care. Our expert hairdressers offer personalized care, combining avant-garde techniques and high-quality natural products, for hair that radiates health and beauty.