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The Spa des Fermes de Marie is the first of many, perfectly reflecting the Pure Altitude philosophy. With nature as its primary source of inspiration, each of the 13 treatment rooms and hushed spaces has been carefully selected using local materials and materials evocative of the mountains. Here, enjoy a rejuvenating interlude of 100% well-being and beauty.

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Our Rituals and Treatments with Mountain Plants

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For over 20 years, we've specialized in body and face care using mountain plants. Explore our Pure Altitude Signature Rituals like the Alp-Cells Repair Care with Gold Leaf and Detox Massage with Edelweiss Elixir. These treatments blend gentle techniques with the remineralizing and antioxidant benefits of mountain-derived ingredients, delivering unmatched effectiveness.

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Our Pure Altitude Signature Treatments

Edelweiss & alpine treasures  

Discover our exclusive treatment protocols: drainages, facials, body treatments and massages... combining manual maneuvers and treatments with our Pure Altitude line of mountain plant extracts.

Bol d'air Pur treatment

Detox & cocooning
80 minutes

Complete facial treatment, combining skin cleansing and manual maneuvers with warm Basalt pebbles and cool Jade rollers for a hot/cold effect that effectively stimulates lymphatic circulation. Features are relaxed, pores tightened and skin regains its freshness. It's the ideal treatment to detoxify stressed, urban skin and soothe epidermis damaged by the cold or the sun's bite. Combine with a back massage for total relaxation.

Himalayan Rose Care

Anti-ageing & Regenerating
80 minutes

A complete facial treatment combining skin cleansing, palpate-roll, aesthetic lymphatic drainage and Rose Quartz roller massage, with the ultra-replumping power of the Rosalpina Youth Mask and the highly regenerating power of Himalayan Elixir. The oval of the face is redefined, wrinkles smoothed and the face visibly lifted and redensified.

Sève de Vie skin care

Radiant complexion & Hydration
80 minutes

This complete facial treatment combines skin cleansing with the benefits of cryodermie, a cold technique stabilized at -5° that activates venous and lymphatic microcirculation, complemented by a radiance-boosting Vitamin C mask. Ideal for treating the first signs of aging, this treatment uses all the benefits of the ultra-moisturizing Sève de Vie range to oxygenate and regenerate tissues, firm the epidermis and moisturize the skin. The complexion becomes luminous and even.

Lift Face Massage 4810

Anti-ageing & Lift
80 minutes

A facial massage that combines ancestral massage techniques with the best of the mountain's natural resources and the ultra-precise biotechnological active ingredients contained in Pure Altitude products. Our firming, anti-aging massage maneuvers act like a natural facelift, while smoothing with Gua Sha de Quartz Rose activates microcirculation and has a genuine toning effect. The result? The oval of the face is redefined, the skin visibly lifted and redensified, and wrinkles smoothed.

Pure Altitude ritual

25 minutes
50 minutes
80 minutes

A deep-acting massage for the whole body, with a ritual that combines massage and the application of hot towels with toning essential oils. Choose between an Huile de Beauté or Baume des Montagnes massage, and specify the desired pressure, ranging from gentle to deep, as well as the rhythm, from tonic to slow, or a combination of both.

Detox massage with edelweiss elixir

Draining & Firming
50 minutes or 80 minutes

This body and face treatment combines Tui Na, an energetic massage derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, to harmonize Qi, and Gua Sha, a method of stimulating points along the meridians using a jade stone. Edelweiss Elixir Massage - an oil with edelweiss, an antioxidant, and Tahitian monoi, nourishing and protective. The body evacuates bad energy, aches and pains disappear, facial features are smoothed, skin is detoxified and firmed, for a smoother, softer, firmer appearance.

Alpine Energy Ritual

Detoxifying & Reboosting Massage
80 minutes

A complete massage alternating stretching, deep sculpting and tapping with linen mini-pouches filled with Himalayan salts and alpine plants. A detoxifying treatment that releases tension, boosts energy and leaves skin ultra-soft. Without doubt our best massage for relieving stress on arrival or after a day on the slopes or hiking in the mountains.

A skier's secret

Sports Massage
50 minutes

Massage combining firm, toning maneuvers with stretching and pressure points to boost circulation and detoxify muscles, helping to prevent muscle soreness. Ideal for après-ski or just after intense exercise, for complete muscle recovery.

Snow White Care

Nourishing & Remineralizing
50 minutes

An exfoliating and softening Cristaux de Neige scrub, followed by a Crème Comme la Neige body wrap, with anti-aging edelweiss and softening Arctic berries.

Lift Body Care 4810

Smoothing & Firming
50 minutes

A Snow Crystal scrub, exfoliating and softening, followed by a Cranberry wrap, with antioxidant properties.

our Packages

Exclusive offer

Get some height

From 1 July to 1 September 2021

20% off your night's stay at the Montenvers Refuge on half-board basis

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Zen Altitude

Valid all year round

Treat yourself to a stay of pure relaxation at Les Fermes de Marie with our Zen Altitude programme at the Pure Altitude Spa.

Treat yourself to a stay of pure relaxation at Les Fermes de Marie with our Zen Altitude programme at the Pure Altitude Spa.

Treat yourself to a timeless interlude in the warm, intimate atmosphere of Les Fermes de Marie. Take time for yourself. Come to the Spa Pure Altitude for your personalized "Zen Altitude" program, including a Bulle d'Oxygène facial, a Gourmandise des Alpes body ritual and a 50-minute Pure Altitude Ritual massage, for a total of 2h30 of treatments that you can divide up as you wish for moments of pure indulgence. Extend the benefits of our treatments by sipping our Infusion des Fermes de Marie, while gazing at the surrounding mountains. The perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Rate :

Additional package to be added to the price of your stay.

3 treatments of 50 minutes, €455 per person.

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Day Spa

Valid all year round

Treat yourself to a day of pure well-being at the Spa des Fermes de Marie.

Treat yourself to a day of pure well-being at the Spa des Fermes de Marie.

Our Day Spa package includes :

  • A 50 to 80 minute treatment in our Pure Altitude Spa (choice of a relaxing massage or facial or scrub + wrap).
  • A Pure Altitude lunch (starter + main course or main course + dessert, drinks not included), combining diet and gourmet delights, at the Restaurant Traditionnel des Fermes de Marie.
  • Free access to all our sports, relaxation and recreation facilities.

210 per person with a 50-minute treatment.

250 per person with an 80-minute treatment.

By reservation, subject to availability. Not during the winter school holidays.

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