The 30th anniversary of Fermes de Marie

1989 - 2019. For thirty years, the history of Les Fermes de Marie has been perpetuated and has become one of the monuments of the Megevan landscape.

30 years Fermes de Marie

30 years of history

Thirty years old, some will claim, is a venerable age calling for great upheavals, others will object that they are merely an extension of youth.

Les Fermes de Marie Art of living in the mountains
Fermes de Marie rooms and suites

Les Fermes de Marie opens its doors to this decade in the original spirit, and intends to celebrate everything that makes it a timeless event. Hearts are celebrating and heads are filled with blooming memories; no one is bothered by the shackles that accompany the advance of the meter.

Here, cottages, dishes and exteriors will continue to follow their own trends, unencumbered by rules dictating what is "old" or young. Only the commonplaces oppose new and old, ardour and maturity.

Les Fermes de Marie has taken this step by keeping the one that has been its for three decades now; this art of living based on a triad: well-being, good taste and fine dining! It is because it has renewed itself without ever denying itself that the hotel has crossed the ruts and the anniversaries. It is also by keeping the rhythm of the seasons as the only reason that the magnetism operates, that it could finally please during thirty summers and as many winters.

Time passes as thoughts gather. The house will always have one for the curious person who has never been there before, and another for the already convinced regular.

Thirty years ago, the former discovered these rooms and gardens with the same candour, and thirty years ago, the latter found this clemency and these feasts with the same fervour. The march of the thirties is not without symbolism or importance.

If the hotel could speak, it would say that it is megavan and timeless. Proof that it is possible to be born of an intuition and become an institution, it is an address where the moment is savoured and shared - an institution that is ageless.