Our grocery store in Megeve

Buy fresh and exceptional products, l'Épicerie des Fermes welcomes you every day in the centre of Megève.


L'Épicerie des Fermes, le Repaire des Gourmands

In the center of the village, the Fermes de Marie cultivate gourmandise. And for a good harvest, it all starts in Megève, at the crossroads of the 5 streets. There, a project is slowly taking shape: to take over the iconic grocery store, created by the Roc family in 1944, to unearth and offer the best of French, Italian and Savoyard products and finally, to provide an inexhaustible dose of know-how.


Exceptional local and artisanal products

L'Epicerie des Fermes has not finished charming you. Discover a selection of fine and general food products carefully tested and chosen by the Sibuet family: wines and spirits from the best vineyards, seasonal fruit and vegetables, caviar, sardines, cheese and local charcuterie. Or homemade pasta, homemade jams, granola and hot chocolate. The label guarantees the seasonality and naturalness of each foodstuff, with a natural preference for local products.

Let's eat!

For the holidays or any other occasion, let yourself be seduced by the signature products of Fermes de Marie. On the menu: "pâté bourgeois with game and local ceps", salmon gravelax, Maître Boujon's fondue mix or fish soup from the Alpine lakes. With a daily selection of catering dishes, vary the pleasures!

Open all year round, the shop also provides a home delivery service. On the spot or by phone, make your selection, we take care of the rest.

Collaborations of the 30 years of Les Fermes de Marie

It is also here that you will find all the collaborations imagined for the 30 years of Les Fermes de Marie with French brands, referents of the art of living: fish soup from the alpine lakes with 1890 Nature & Saveurs, bee honey from our mountains, coming from the hives of Les Fermes de Marie with Confidences d'Abeilles, chocolates with Chartreuse Verte, or the famous Infusion des Fermes de Marie, with aniseed and liquorice, by Pure Altitude. Don't miss the fir green casserole engraved with Les Fermes de Marie, in collaboration with Staub... enough to simmer a milk-fed lamb from Megève infused with wild thyme or to prepare a wild strawberry crumble, all washed down with the special 30 years old red wine of Les Fermes de Marie, with Domaine de Marie.