Mountain Cuisine

Discover the cuisine of Les Fermes, an inventive and modern mountain cuisine.


Our 3 Restaurants in Megève

Attached to the land and its traditions, the cuisine of Fermes de Marie is declined with inventiveness and modernity. The result?

Three tables to enjoy with finesse and generosity.


Revisiting the riches of the land

Here, mountain cuisine is revisited - happily - as a playground, with the search for perfection in addition. Following the seasons, the winter menu features dishes with smooth and creamy textures, with a focus on cheeses of course, but also on mushrooms and truffles, products dear to the chef. In summer, the focus is on fresh and crunchy dishes, with dishes based on vegetables or cheeses worked with lightness, such as the low-fat serac, worked with a siphon. Not forgetting beautiful vegetarian compositions such as the Celery root in a hazelnut bread crust with a truffle vegetable juice. As for the desserts, they display their greediness daily on the buffet: blueberry pie, timeless childhood desserts such as floating islands with pralines, seasonal fruit clafoutis...