Your caterer in Megève

L'épicerie des Fermes offers you an exceptional catering service.

Epicerie des Fermes - Delicatessen, wine shop and catering service

Catering and delicatessen service

Les Fermes de Marie has taken over the iconic 5 Rue grocery shop in the heart of Megève, created by the Roc family in 1944.

Epicerie des Fermes Megeve
Beaufort shortbread - Epicerie des Fermes

The quality of Les Fermes de Marie

To glean ideas and ingredients for your next dinner party, prepare the most beautiful table, put together the perfect groceries for your kitchen, or make a nice gift, the team at the ́Épicerie des Fermes will help you find your happiness.

Discover or rediscover our authentic selection of cheeses and cold meats from the surrounding farms, seasonal fruit and vegetables, caviar, salmon, pâtés, madeleines, cakes... and also our home-made catering dishes.

Wine cellar Catering service - Epicerie des Fermes Megève