Winter at Fermes de Marie

In winter at Les Fermes de Marie the snowflakes fly. We tuck ourselves under the duvet and the snow falls... The weather is ours to enjoy with friends or family!


A magical hamlet where everything happens

The mountains, their unexplored peaks and isolated hamlets have always been associated with magic and mystery.


Until the exploits of the first mountaineers, all sorts of evil legends haunted the summits. The tradition of folk tales is still alive and well, and is perpetuated during village festivals on the way up and down the mountain pastures. The stylish interpretation of the tales and legends builds a mysterious universe. There is rough and wild, fur and wood, and there is a part of naivety that is expressed very well in the engravings of the first ascents, or the symbols sculpted on the old alpine furniture. It is a universe close to nature and animal life. Cardboard boxes from 19th century adventure books, sculpted walking sticks, old iron herb boxes, herbariums presented in albums or under glass and, of course, trophies. Here, the object of curiosity is king. Authentic and warm, it is the style of the chalets where one feels good. Comfortable, cosy, focused on beautiful materials and objects that have a history, on quality rather than design, it is like a fairy-tale cottage.

The tales and legends of the mountain countries express an imagination close to the mysteries of nature. Carved furniture, engraved symbols, animal wood, animal skins, horn, bark and twigs are embodied in curiosity objects, both ancient and contemporary.