Autumn Yoga Retreat

Discover the autumn yoga retreat at Les Fermes de Marie in Megève with Tiger Yoga Club.

October 20-24, 2024


Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga in the mountains

Holistic and transformational, this autumn retreat has been designed to allow you to deeply re-tune your inner rhythm with that of the surrounding mountainous nature, drawing on both its energising yang power and its enveloping yin softness. At the end of October, the end of Autumn, corresponds in the Yin and Yang Tradition to the beginning of the Inter-season, the ideal time to settle down and let go.


4-night full-board stay from October 20 to 24, 2024 with Elodie Garamond, founder of Tigre Yoga Club, and Adrian Parfene, Kuandalini Yoga teacher.

What practices are proposed?

  • Dynamic "yang" yoga practices (Vinyasa flow, Jivamukti): These two types of dynamic yoga practices combine music with a philosophical approach. The classes link postures in a flow (vinyasa) that works on many levels, both physical and mental, to influence stress, vitality, serenity... Each class explores a particular theme through postures, music, meditation, pranayama, mantras and readings, with the aim of being able to use the benefits of yoga in our daily lives, beyond the mat.
  • Gentle "Yin" yoga practices: Yin yoga offers sequences of a few deeply regenerative postures, which are practiced sitting or lying down, with the support of various cushions, blocks and blankets. This practice allows for a deep physical relaxation that solicits the fascias and no longer the muscular apparatus. It soothes the mind, improves sleep and rests deeply, just like a good nap.
  • Guided meditation and self-hypnosis: Whether you are discovering meditation and self-hypnosis for the first time or already have a regular practice, Sophia & Elodie will take you on different adventures every day. Mindfulness walks, meditation with and without visualisation, hypnotic journeys on themes chosen together according to your needs, you will quickly become an enthusiastic explorer in the field.

Discover the detailed program: Program Yoga Retreat October 2024

Our Yoga Retreats include:

- Accommodation

- Healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners (drinks included: water and herbal teas) - Yoga classes, mindfulness walk in the mountains, sunrise meditation, talking circles and Mandalas

- A Skin Gym class at the Pure Altitude Spa

During your Yoga Retreat discover the Pure Altitude Spa


In one of the 17 cabins of the Pure Altitude Spa at Les Fermes de Marie, you'll reach the heights of relaxation in a world where beauty and well-being reign supreme. A personalized Pure Altitude treatment program is offered during the Yoga Retreat to push your relaxation to the limit. And, for your comfort, the wellness area completes our promise of well-being, with its indoor pool surrounded by picture windows opening onto the outside, its Jacuzzis (indoor and outdoor) to unwind, its saunas (indoor and outdoor), its Ofuro baths and its adults-only swim lane to eliminate stress, fatigue and toxins.

Rate for the 4 days :

- From € 1980 for 1 person in a single room

- From 3320 € for 2 people in a double room

Book your yoga retreat on : +33 4 50 91 48 59 or by e-mail: