Reach the Summits of Beauty in Summer

Discover the "Healthy Attitude" at Fermes de Marie!

Facial care - Healthy Attitude

Les Fermes de Marie***** in Megève is the perfect place to recharge and revitalize during the summer months. This is where the Healthy Attitude program comes into its own: summer cuisine, plant-based cosmetology and outdoor sports activities to regenerate in an unspoilt mountain environment. With the arrival of summer, to achieve complete and lasting well-being, it's essential to take care of yourself not only with cosmetics, but also with body care and a healthy, adapted diet.

Prepare your beauty ascent for summer

Summer clean-up

For radiant skin, oxygenate and moisturize from within. In summer, it's crucial to detoxify your body by stimulating the liver. Lemons are ideal for activating the purification process.


Beauty is in the plate!

With the arrival of summer, focus on foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins. A healthy diet, combined with adequate hydration, promotes a radiant complexion.

Getting rid of the last toxins

Take advantage of hammam or sauna sessions to eliminate accumulated toxins. Use natural products such as sugar crystal scrubs for soft, purified skin.


Lightly regenerate the skin

Use light creams and refreshing gels suitable for summer. Pure Altitude offers skin care products that moisturize without weighing you down, such as Elixir d'Himalaya or Elixir à la racine de Maca. Don't forget to treat your hair too, for total beauty.  

Your body is now ready for an invigorating hike in the mountains... All that's left is to follow your own beauty itinerary!